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26 April 1978
Hubs and I live in Arizona with our two dogs and our cat. I'm a homebody and prefer staying home to going out. I spend a lot of time online, either reading, looking for new patterns to knit/crochet or laughing maniacally over drama. I have an unhealthy obsession with horror movies and kinda like the idea of being around for a zombie apocalypse. I hate filling out bios and so I'm going to stop right here.

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a knight's tale, absolutely fabulous, alan rickman, altered art, androgyny, anger, art, artist trading cards, bdsm, beaches when it's raining, being alone, bettie page, black, boobs, book binding, bunnies, but i'm a cheerleader, camel jades, classic rock, cleaning, coffee, coin operated boy, collage, comfortable clothes, cooking, creating, crochet, dark and dreary days, dark humor, daydreaming, depression, detroit rock city, dexter, dirty comedy, disappearing, dogs with smooshed faces, ellen page, embroidery, eureka california, fabric, feminism, friends, gay rights, geoffery rush, ghostworld, guitar hero, guns n roses, half jack, happiness, harry potter, holding grudges, holidays, homemade soap, horror, horror movies, hot showers, instrumental music, jack black, jason mewes, jealousy, jim & pam, jim morrison, journalling, kate winslet, katherine isabelle, keeping up appearances, kevin smith, kiss, knitpicks, knitting, kyle gass, laughing at fundies, lightning, little britain, love, making fun of teabaggers, me, metallica, miniatures, monty python, morphine, movies, music, my husband, my laptop, my pets, mythology, nail art, nature, omnisexuality, organization, painting, patsy & edina, patterns, percoset, poetry, porn, purple, queen, quills, quilting, rain, ravelry, reading, reminiscing, sca, scissors, secrets, self destruction, sewing, sex, shaun of the dead, silver, simon pegg, singing, sleep deprivation, sleeping, smoking, snark, spinning yarn, stalag 17, stars, storms, submission, supernatural, talking, tattooing, tattoos, teal, tenacious d, the doors, the dresden dolls, the internet, the league of gentlemen, the moon, the office, the pick of destiny, the vagina monologues, thunder, tmi, train wrecks, trainspotting, true friends, weeds, welcome to the dollhouse, wild cherry pepsi, writing, yarn, zetti, zombies